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Event Details

As we navigate through our careers as entrepreneurs and professionals we have to keep learning constantly. Whether it is about the emerging technology or a mentor that can give us time tested advice. OPEN's mission is to create a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to connect and grow their careers through guidance, networking, and mentorship. So as you go through the event details, please remember the talks and the presentations are only a small part of the value offered. Make sure to meet new people during the breaks, and say hello to the people sitting beside you in talks and panels. Welcome to OPEN Texas 2022, the inaugural OPEN conference for the Texas triangle 

March 26, 2022
Conference Day



8:00 AM

Registration, breakfast, and socializing

Come early and get some time to meet new people. The biggest value from this event is the connections you make


9:00 AM

Welcome Speech By Tauseef Rab, President OPEN Austin

Hear Tauseef Rab talk about the future of OPEN Austin in serving the entrepreneurs of Central Texas and our plans for continued collaboration with Houston and Dallas to build a platform for all of the Texas Triangle


9:15 AM

Keynote by Omair Tariq, CEO and Co-founder at

Hear Omair talk about his learnings as an entrepreneur growing till acquisition and now powering the ecommerce engines of the brands we use everday as the CEO of


10:00 AM

Coffee Break

Grab some refreshments and see who is around you over coffee.


10:15 AM

New year new cloud

The past decade has established the cloud with its agility and low barrier to entry as the infrastructure for any tech startup. Come, and listen to how startups can accomplish more than ever imagined as the cloud rapidly evolves.


10:45 AM

The dawn of the era of AI

AI and ML have reached a tipping point, redefining what is possible. Come and bring your curiosity for this in depth conversation with Bilal Ahmed and Saad Godil, to learn about the AI revolution. This understanding of what's possible will allow you to build the products of the future or how best to align your career.


11:15 AM

Opportunities in Pakistan

Pakistan is currently seeing a huge surge in opportunities with the developments in the infrastructure, a large English speaking population, proximity and trade relations with China, and the government interest in encouraging startups. Come learn about what's happening in Pakistan and how to take advantage of it.


12:15 PM


Enjoy brilliant company and lunch catered by Zaviya Grill


1:15 PM

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship

The first step of the journey as an entrepreneur is often the hardest. Jumping from a safe steady paycheck into a world of complete unknowns. Learn from the people that have taken this daring step and be inspired to take your own step.


2:00 PM

Coffee Break

Grab some refreshments and gossip about what you want to see from the startups in Demo Day


2:15 PM

Demo Day

Come and listen to startups pitch their ideas to seasoned investors. Cheer on the people trying to make an impact and learn from the investors in how they probe a business. There isn't any funding attached to the event itself, but you can catch all these startups on their booth and the goal of this event is networking.


3:45 PM

Keynote by Aasim Hasan, Partner at Moneta Ventures

Learn from Aasim Hasan as he shares his insights as a partner and leader of the Texas investments at Moneta ventures. Learn about the state of startups, entrepreneurship, and venture capital in Austin.


4:15 PM

Closing remarks by Tina Ho, President OPEN Houston

Having witnessed this conference, hear Tina Ho talk about the future of entrepreneurship and OPEN in the Texas triangle and what that means for more such collaborations and conferences.


4:30 PM


This event is about meeting others. So please meet some more people, chat in the lobby or grab a group and head for some coffee to nearby domain.


Demo Day

Too often ideas get lost in the shuffle of startup uncertainty. Innovations get left on the side-lines or are overlooked in favor of more connected or better leveraged companies. Get your chance to present your pitch to investors and successful entrepreneurs and get valuable feedback. If you are interested in presenting please:

Note: While you are pitching your startup to investors, the Demo Day presentation itself will not include actual funding. You will still get the opportunity to network with the judges and other investors but OPEN Texas will not have an official role in any private agreements


Pre-Event Party

In addition to the main event there is an exclusive party for OPEN chartered members and speakers. Please join us for a musical evening with Riyaaz Qawwali group. This is a great opportunity to meet other leaders from the OPEN global community. In addition there are a limited number of tickets available for people interested in meeting these leaders. 

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