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Making every household wardrobe virtual


Making every household’s wardrobe virtual and accessible to fashion lovers across Pakistan.

My company BizB is the pioneer in Pakistan in solving the 1 billion dollar market problem of unused clothes lying in women’s closets which constitutes 50% of an average woman’s wardrobes helping them monetize those unused assets all while adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

We have already managed to list 15000 dresses on our platform from 6700 sellers across Pakistan and have made a total revenue of $125000 in 2021; with a 310% increase compared to 2020. 

We have already made 6700 of our sellers’ wardrobes virtual and accessible to fashion lovers across Pakistan! We have all the ingredients to make BizB synonymous with second hand apparel.

Imagine 3 dresses/wardrobe and a 100,000 wardrobes’ making BizB house to one of the largest variety of preloved apparel in Pakistan. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. That is the vision that we are aiming to grow BizB with.

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