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Career counseling for Pakistani High Schoolers

95% of high school students in Pakistan do not have access to aptitude testing and career counselling services. These students take the decision of their university degree and future careers without proper guidance. Most are forced into Medicine and Engineering due to South Asia’s culture. The absence of localized aptitude testing services is leading students to end up in wrong degrees and careers. Research with top Pakistani universities showed an alarming rate of 60% unhappy students in various degrees.

There are 5 million pre-university/ high school students studying
in more than 40,000 institutes across Pakistan. We are looking to expand to South Asia by December 2023 which offers 50 million students at high school level.

Merafuture is offering an intervention of career counselling at the high school level. We have developed a Multidimensional Career Counselling Test (MCCT) which assesses a student’s personality, interest and knowledge areas. MCCT is built on an AI model developed with genuine data points of successful field cases, people who are happy with their degree choices and doing well in their careers. MCCT matches the high school students with these field cases and suggests them education fields in Pakistan. The patent for process of providing career counselling is
submitted in Pakistan’s IPO.

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