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Demo Day

Welcoming Visiting Women Entrepreneurs

Come meet women entrepreneurs visiting Austin, TX from Pakistan. Hear their pitches and meet people making a difference through entrepreneurship. This event is free but we have limited seating so please RSVP. These women are here as a delegation from the US Department of State. They were chosen to come as 9 winners from a rigorous selection process where 450 women entrepreneurs applied.

The event will consist of pitches from each of the entrepreneurs describing their startups followed by a Q&A from experienced investors. While investing is not a part of the event itself this is an opportunity for the presenters to get exposure to investors while getting feedback and practicing their pitches. And is an opportunity for the audience to learn what investors look for when evaluating a startup. So please join us, come and learn.

This delegation of women entrepreneurs is visiting thanks to a collaboration of the US Department of State and TIE. Please join us, at Capital Factory on May 22nd. Space is limited so please reserve your spot.

The Startups

Abey Khao

The cloud kitchen empowering Deaf youth

Aero Engine Craft Pvt Ltd

The first generation of environment-friendly contrail-free aircraft engines


Making every household wardrobe virtual

Cubex Global

Make smarter shipping decisions

GharPar Technologies Pvt Ltd

Pakistan’s largest at-home beauty services provider

Career counseling for Pakistani High Schoolers


Practice soft skills in the safety of a virtual environment.


Sanitary napkins safer for you, safer for the environment


Gamified LinkedIn for students.


Hyper-personalized learning with immersive and innovative tools


TiE Global is organizing the US visit of growth stage women startups from Pakistan to the US. This multifaceted acceleration program is designed in partnership with TIE Islamabad and the US Embassy in Islamabad as part of the US State Department’s Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). The program gives enterprising women globally the knowledge, networks and access they need to launch and scale successful businesses. By promoting women’s economic opportunities and ensuring that women have the capabilities and resources needed to participate in the economy, the program in Pakistan (APWE) is part of an ongoing effort to empower Pakistani women to realize their economic potential and create conditions for increased stability, security, and prosperity.

The cohort of nine women will be visiting the US – Silicon Valley, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City during the months of May and June. The program is designed to help facilitate these women entrepreneurs with networking, mentoring, workshops and investor engagements. The two months cross country engagements are curated to give them maximum exposure through tech and entrepreneurship conferences, meetups, networking events, campus tours, weekly dinners and other engagement activities. And office hours with leading mentors will help them focus, strategize, connect and leverage the ecosystems to grow their businesses.

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